3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino

3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino

The casino is a room where a large amount of cash is won and lost all based on the risk you want to take. But, on that room, there are labors that are really thorough and dedicated in their work. We cannot deny that employment of casinos is a career path that promises for women than men. There are job opportunities that are only for women when it comes with working in a casino. What are the 3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino? Let us find out.

3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino

3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino
3 Reasons Why Women Work in a Casino

Based on survey, 46% of all supervisors, managers, dealers, directors and casino executives are women. Here’s the three main reasons why women work in a casino. Check the following:

  1. Great amount of money every day – Salary

Even a casino cashier holds a large amount of money every day as their salary, although they start at a minimum wage – the salary increase based on their performance or sometimes casino bookie has a monthly evaluation and monthly increase to their personnel’s. Their salary increased including also the tips given by the players if their service make them satisfied. Women staffs in a casino are more appealing to all players and employers. Aside from being organized and responsible, they look more attractive as most of the players in the casino are men.

  1. Gaining more knowledge and prove the skills to anyone

The possible for making small wealth is very real, especially when women improve their working skills and increase the chances of earning great profits by their performance. Don’t underestimate the skills of women even though they are a food and beverages worker. Everybody receives a promotions. Sometimes, employers evaluated its employees and sometimes food and beverages worker or pantry worker becomes a casino chef. See? They can prove themselves to anyone else. Although they’re a women – as long as they loved the work and have skills, they will gain recognition!

  1. Job Opportunities – Easy to Learn

Yes. You read it right. Some job opportunities is easy to learn especially to be a casino dealer. But, take note that most casinos will not hire traders or dealers who do not have formal training. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to learn how to become a dealer. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete the training involving how to play casino games.  The training will be worth it because the employer will pay high salary than they expected. Furthermost of casino worldwide hires beautiful and lovely dealers to make players more satisfied on their gambling session. Sometimes, player especially men looking for a table to play – requesting a beautiful and gorgeous dealer.

Additional to that, if women’s have little experience or let us say “No working experience” – entry level position will fit to them.  This type of rating is great for someone who didn’t attend or finished college, although the entry level position exists in the college graduates world as well.


For some people, men or women, working in a casino is a dream job, and being a casino staff can be a good opportunity. If you love the casino ambiance, you better work here! You can serve the players with all your heart. But be ready in all the struggles when you started working in a casino – including the smoke that comes from cigarettes, working schedules and encountering rude players. Get ready. Maybe this is your stepping stone for a good and stable career for the future. Wait for your promotions and pay raise, this can be happen – think positive. Working in a casino is really interesting and full of excitement!

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