Best Euro Jackpot Lotto lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016

Many people have their perceptions that it is good to deal with betting aside from sticking with their tiresome work. By being a bettor, they are also convinced that they can be a one-time millionaire because of betting. One form of betting is a lottery and as these days, Lottery is what people are more interested in than those other betting forms. For those people who regularly bet on a lottery, they consider Best Euro Jackpot Lotto lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016 as one of the easiest ways to become the millionaire that they have long been dreaming of.

Best Euro Jackpot Lotto lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016

Best Euro Jackpot Lotto lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016
Best Euro Jackpot Lotto lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016

Eurojackpot is a European lottery that was launched March 2012. In the year 2015, there are more or less than 18 countries that have been part of the lottery. Many people are encouraged joining this lottery because of its starting amount of jackpot €10,000,000. From this jackpot amount, it can be higher which is up to €90,000,000. As high as this amount can be reached depending upon if no one hasn’t won through the drawn lotto digits yet. If you are interested to know more about Euro Jackpot, continue reading.

How much you’ll spend to Play Eurojackpot?

Each line of playing Eurojackpot cost €2 and the goal in playing this lottery is simply to match the correct 5 numbers coming out of more than 50 and additional of 2 supplementary numbers which will come out from another 10 draw numbers. Additionally, there are 12 tiers of the prizes to be expected on the Euro jackpot. The draw of the lottery number will even take place Fridays, at 21.00 and the evaluation of the winning tickets is being done in Denmark and Germany.

Why are people playing the Eurojackpot?

Unlike other lotteries in Europe, the Eurojackpot was designed for frequently paying more than the other lotteries. The lottery is not being expected to grow to its same size that is record breaking the history of lottery winning. It is indeed the winning game that is excitingly giving a reason for many people in Europe especially for the countries where it is being operated. As a result of the high winning amount, those people eagerly enter their desired numbers with a hope to win.

In case of a jackpot price is not bagged home by anyone, the Eurojackpot will have its roll down clause which will happen too if the jackpot prize is not won by anyone. It is expected when no one can have a ticket that has its matching price on its 12 consecutive winning draws. The 13th draw is subjected for a roll down in case there is no winner that has matching numbers on the winning numbers drawn. The jackpot price will then be paid or will be given to the next winner or winners wherein winning is very much available for anyone. All of these are the great reasons why many people are encouraged to play the Eurojackpot and play it every Fridays.

The largest Eurojackpot was recorded in the year 2015. Luckily, there is this Czech Republic winner who has bagged the 90,000,000.00 Euro jackpot price. He or she is indeed one of the lucky people in the world to win this high amount of lottery jackpot money!

If you are also interested in winning on the Eurojackpot, you must be in its certain available countries where the lottery is operating. Additionally, there are some non-official lottery sites that have provided tickets for the lottery and some of them operators that are state-licensed but still think that some of them are not. Generally, take note of the fact that there are lottery tickets intended to become restricted for purchase by the adults. This was according to the “Age of majority” of a particular country in Europe or of any other countries in the world.

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