Everton is On Top of Semi Final

Everton is On Top of Semi Final

Everton is On Top of Semi Final – A football club from Liverpool, Everton FC, did a great job and showed off the victory atmosphere last time against Manchester City with 2-1 final score. Romelu Lukaku was the one who scored at that game. And it means that Lukaku is having 19th goals in this season. And Goodison Park was seeing that bold atmosphere happening. By winning that game, Everton is on top of the board. In the Premier League, Everton is standing in the 11th position.

Actually, Manchester City should win or at least made the drawn match in order to stay in their position last time. And until the last 14 minutes in the first round, the drawn match was kind of a dream come true. Moreover, Jesus Navas gave the brilliant counter-attack and then finished beautifully by Sergio Aguero.

But unfortunately, that beautiful combination was broken down by Ramiro Funes Mori. And he also opened the opportunity for Everton to give more shots on the half-time.

Everton is On Top of Semi Final

Everton is On Top of Semi Final
Everton is On Top of Semi Final

Funes Mori, who also plays for the Argentine national team, made a move and then Willy Caballero could save the shot on goal by Ross Barkley. But at this point, the line keeper of City was kind of doing something without a sense of justice when Lukaku was standing in the position of offside which is right in front of the goalkeeper spot.

Actually, Everton totally did not agree to be punched by Navas’ act which was kind of trying to sink down the opponent. Everton immediately responded for at least two minutes after Navas tried to do the mission. It was just happening. Lukaku succeeded to score his 12th goal with Gareth Barry’s perfect bait. That 12 goals are scored during his 12 games. And of course, this moment is kind of huge for a home match.

Manchester City: Lack of luck?

Actually, Everton got the huge effort from Lukaku and John Stones. They were kind of ruled out the offside thing, especially then Funes Mori gave his effort right before the half-time was set. Moreover, Caballero did a great job as well. He was able to beat up the shot from Barkley like so perfect and tough, even though it was Lukaku clearly standing right in front of him. It should be an offside but unfortunately, the line keeper said nothing wrong. Till today, that issue is still debated.

It is no wonder if the manager of City feels so blue and frustrated after the match. When Navas was pounced by Funes Mori and then he fell down, it should be a penalty for City. And by losing 2-1 it means that City should work harder or at least they have to win 1-0 for next home match or they will suffer more and more.

Man of the match: Gareth Barry

Gareth Barry also plays for England national team. He looked like struggle a lot on last season. There are many predictions that the time to make him “moved out” is getting closer and closer from match to match. But in the last game against Manchester City, he showed that the predictions are totally wrong.


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