First jackpot EuroMillions lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016

Lottery games are becoming more and more popular particularly these days. And one among the most popular ones would be the EuroMillions. It is considered as a European lottery which takes place during evenings of Tuesday and Friday. National lotteries are typically limited within a certain country this one pools the stakes in order to create large prizes and jackpots. The main prize pool could roll over into the next draw once there would be no jackpot winner and prizes after few weeks having no winner could be as high as 190-million. And in addition, all the prizes along with the jackpot are considered to be tax-free and would be paid as the lump sum except to some countries which are Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland since 2013.

First jackpot EuroMillions lottery in Oddsportal Malaysia 2016

This lottery game, EuroMillions, began in 1994. The original idea was to launch this new Euro lottery around the same time being a single European currency. However, politics, bureaucracy, and some other miscellaneous factors meant knowing that the plan was then delayed a number of times prior to coming to fruition for some ten years later. And the first ever lottery draw of this EuroMillions took place during the Friday 13th of February 2004. It was then presented originally by the three major lottery organisers which are the following:

  • Camelot in the United Kingdom which operates the UK National Lottery
  • Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain
  • Francaise des Jeux in France

And the very first jackpot of EuroMillions was worth of 15-million.

So how could you play EuroMillions? Playing this lottery game could be done online. Simply click the PLAY NOW button into the site or you could download the app of this lottery game from your tablet or mobile. The player would then choose five main numbers which could be any number coming from 1 up to 50. And then the player would as well choose two different lucky star numbers coming from a pool of 11 numbers.

The draws for EuroMillions would take place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 20:45. The results would then be published shortly right after the draw into independent and associated websites for 23:00 hours. In order to participate in this lottery game, you could purchase tickets from numbers of outlets such as licensed stores or from online websites as well. In addition, the gameplay was changed on May 10, 2011, Tuesday along with a second weekly draw and also the number of lucky stars into the Pacquerette machine which increased from 9 to 11. And at the same time, the prize for matching two main numbers along with no lucky stars was as well introduced.

And in terms of eligibility with regards to playing EuroMillions, any person having an age of 18 and up residing in a participating country could play the lottery game. But there could be variations with regards to the minimum age into some other countries like in the United Kingdom it would be 16. EuroMillions is currently available to all players from Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Ireland, France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Many people have succeeded in this field and most of them are into the idea of entering and making their investment enter to online lottery successfully. It does not really matter if where you are in the world because being involved in the lottery does not require you to stay in a specific state or place. All you have to make sure is your investment in this kind of betting game and be ready for the success in joining online lottery.