Secure concierge specializes remote onsite international ticket purchases

Secure concierge specializes remote onsite international ticket purchases. Lotto 365 is known to be a secure concierge which specializes in remote on-site international ticket purchases. You can ensure the company’s credibility for it is regulated and licensed out of Curacao. This site was established in the year 2011. The site is available in two languages including German and English.

Lotto365 makes use of the Lottotech as the lottery platform as well as for an on-site security services, the site use McAfee Secure. This site is also insured from any potential losses with the German insurer Emirat AG. In relation to this, the site can give you the assurance that you have come to the right place to place your bet in lottery.

Secure concierge specializes remote onsite international ticket purchases

Secure concierge specializes remote onsite international ticket purchases
Secure concierge specializes remote onsite international ticket purchases

How Lotto365 works?

The ticket agents of Lotto 365 will be purchasing the ticket on the players’ behalf will scan them and then upload a digital copy of the purchased lottery online tickets into the on-site account of the player. Players view the tickets for verification, or even have a copy printed out if desired. Every players must register a valid account and confirm that he/she is 8 years old above to let him/her paly lottery.

After registration, you can now start playing lotteries. Here are the five simple steps to start playing:

  • You have to choose your favorite or preferred lottery.
  • Then, select your lucky numbers or you can use the Auto-Pick feature in order to select the numbers for you.
  • After selecting numbers, select the number of drawings that you wish to participate in.
  • Lastly, confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy Now” button.

Lotto 365 collects the minor prizes or non-jackpot winnings for the player without asking for extra fee. Then, it will deposit the funds right into the player’s on-site account balance. If in case major prize is won, Lotto 365 will then deliver directly the original winning ticket into the specified address of the players.

In Lotto 365, you can play either single or multiple lines on one ticket. The extent of drawings to be played is offered at the time of ticket purchase. It could be any of the following drawings, 1, 8, 16, 26, and 52.

You can play trusted lottery sites through Lotto 365 anytime for it support services for clients 24/7 and they are reachable via live chat, by email or by phone.

Here are some of the extra features you can find on this site:

  • You can find a Lottery Statistics page wherein you can search and display pertinent lottery stats.
  • It also has Results page along with the latest results on offered lotteries.
  • A Horoscope page is available, which displays “lucky” numbers depending on players birth sign.
  • You can find “Numerology page” that calculates “lucky “numbers, which is based on an entered birth date.

Lotto365 is indeed a great lottery site that answers lottery players’ needs. It offers a standards and simple to tabs that are displayed at the top of the Home page, having a direct link to lottery result link, buying lottery tickets, and two drop down lists to several “help” and “features” options.

Is it Legal?

This is 100 % legitimate and legal. Because of the great advantage it brings to the people, it became popular to everybody. Through these kind of services, people find playing lotto simple and easy while providing them fun. It will open up yourself to millions or billions of dollars as well for the winnings. It also allows people to play some international online lottery games wherever their location is. In the previous years, people limit their selves in playing games based on their state but due to the growth of the internet, you can now play huge games all over the world.

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