The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning

The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning

Soccer is considered as an athletic sport and so has become more than a simple game which awards the player with only the best ball skills. Improving body and physical traits along with chiseling the physical weaknesses are indeed important in the soccer of today. And the field which tends to all the said aspects is known as The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning.

What is Soccer Conditioning?

Soccer conditioning is referred to be made up of six concepts or if you will it would be sub-sections. The warm-up, power, strength, agility, endurance and speed training are considered as the key components in order to come up with a full soccer conditioning program. And these key components would be further explained below.

The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning

The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning
The Six Elements Soccer Conditioning
  • Soccer Warm-ups. Right from the very start of the soccer, players are too warm up prior to the match individually and would rather be disorganized. Aside from few common stretching and warm up exercises, they would depend on the first minutes of the play in order to get them to the right condition of playing with full potential. These days, warming-up is provided with higher importance since it would help soccer players within two ways. It would protect you from muscle injuries like ruptured and strains and it would also bring you to the highest level of playing ability as the training session or match begins. And also, specific stretching exercises provide benefits making you more flexible and agile.
  • Soccer Strength. Strength is considered as the crucial factor once playing soccer due to the fact that it would affect several abilities being used during the match like shooting, jumping, shielding, marking, dribbling and tackling. In fact, strength is the only conditioning key component which is useful in the same measure for all the players regardless of the position on the pitch.
  • Soccer Power. This might refer to one of these three things in soccer which are the power of headers, a power of shots and power of throws. Though strength plays a great role in terms of determining the said three attributes there is also a need to have the proper technique in making them work. And with that, power is the combination of both technique and strength.
  • Soccer Endurance. Endurance could be in two types, long and short range. Short endurance would be the ability to sprint longer while long endurance is more general and so it helps you pull off the entire match. It is important to have an idea that endurance is not just about being capable of running for the ball longer within a match. Once you are tired, you would also have a harder time in focusing on the game, dribbling, tackling, finishing, jumping and more. That’s why having good endurance could be of great help in getting the best out yourself within the longer period of time.
  • Soccer Agility. Agility could help you within several levels in soccer. Goalkeepers would have better reflexes as well as they would be able in getting high balls a lot faster once they are agiler. Defenders would be harder to dribble and the tackles would be more accurate and also clean with the agility level. Midfielders could dribble along with ease once they are agile and also strikers would work well around the quickness to get in front of the defender and finish on the crosses or simply dribble the way in order to goal once possible.
  • Soccer Speed. The same with the confusion regarding power and strength, some people would tend to put an equality sign between agility and speed. Agility would be quick reactions and speed is about running into the full throttle within a longer distance. In fact, speed has two components and those are acceleration and top speed.

Those are the six elements in soccer conditioning which are considered to play vital roles to be an excellent soccer player.

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