The Sports Boxing

The Sports Boxing – Crawford was hovering around with aim and was scarcely gotten in the opening rounds yet the two glimmer knockdowns in the fifth set the example by online sports. The principal shot after the chime, a straight right, saw Pistol bumble and regardless of the possibility that the elusive canvas accomplished more harm to his parity then the punch, his knee touched the floor leaving ref Tony Weeks with no decision yet to call a check.

The second knockdown, however, demonstrated the force that Crawford has nearby his smoothness, with an overwhelming left to the body sending the Ukrainian staggering back and the accompanying right driving him to touch down once more, this time with his glove.

The Sports Boxing

Crawford was in finished control to win the unification battle.

The two numbers implied that Postol was compelled to press in the second 50% of the battle yet his upright position and one-dimensional development left him consistently got by countering shots, with Crawford likewise eager to demonstrate his hostile ability to an ever increasing extent.

Another substantial left created his rival to lose his equalization again in the eighth, a fast whirlwind doing likewise in the ninth and his southpaw punch and catch up left arriving freely.

Crawford demonstrated he is the best on the planet at 140lbs

The eleventh round summed up the battle, with Pistol cautioned and afterward deducted a point for hitting round the back of the head on the uncommon event the pair were in a secure, while Crawford essentially grinned, cooled off then returned with another tasteful mix.

Be that as it may, knowing the malaysia sports boxing scene was watching and quick to affirm himself as the best in the super-lightweight division, the American was cheerful to remain nearby again in the last round, this time, a peach of a short, sharp right denying Post no less than a positive completion to his bad dream.

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