Which is Better Online Casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801?

Which is Better Online Casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801?

Majority of Malaysian population loves to play gambling games. However, this is only possible if they’re non-Muslims. Due to Islamic Law which prohibits and made gambling a crime. Non-Muslim Malaysians who gets caught will either be fined or imprisoned. This is why many rely on online casino which operates outside the boundaries of Malaysia. A good example is QQ808 and QQ801. So, which is better online casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801? We will compare their features to find out.

Which is Better Online Casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801?

Which is Better Online Casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801?
Which is Better Online Casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801?

License and Accreditation

The authorities won’t stop you from joining an online casino. However, they won’t protect you either, because these business are outside their jurisdictions. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to join QQ808 or QQ801 Malaysia casino, the answer is yes. Both sites are regulated and licensed by PAGCOR the biggest gambling regulator in the Philippines. A license from them is very hard to obtain since it needs the online casino to run in accordance to industry standards. This will provide you with safe and fair gaming experience.

Casino Game Software

QQ808 Malaysia casino and the online casino QQ801 are both offering casino game from trusted software providers. The difference lies within the range of games offered. At the Malaysia casino you can play classic casino game including Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette but with new features. Features like multi-game and multi-table are great for those Malaysian players who aims for profits. Playing casino games on a trusted casino software removes all your worries about the fairness and security.

Range of Online Casino Products

A good Malaysia casino is not limited to just simple table games or slots. They must be able to cater to all the needs of a player. Here on this feature, if you’re looking for an immersive online casino then QQ808 is the best option. Simply they are prioritizing the casino games more than other products. If you are looking for sports betting action, you can rely on QQ801. This online casino offers a wide range of sports betting selection. Wager from the sports events across the globe.

Mobile Casino Gaming

Technological advancement made many things easier including playing casino games. Thankfully, both QQ808 and QQ801 are made with HTML5 technology. This means those who use Android or iOS powered devices can either use the download or instant-play version. This will provide you with hassle-free performance but still retaining the quality from desktop version.  Now you’ll feel a more immersed casino experience right at the palm of your hands.

Malaysia Casino Bonuses and Promotions

New players are always greeted by online casino generously. Usually they are welcome bonuses and free bets. However with the Malaysia casino, there are other options for new players. If they want a bigger live casino reward, then the special extra bonus of QQ808 is the one to choose. On the other hand, for slot game players, your best bet would be the welcome bonus 100% slot games from QQ801. Nevertheless, both offer good promotions that can boost your bank dramatically.


So the question still remains – which is better online casino Malaysia QQ808 or QQ801? With those features above. Hope that it can help you decide where to play. Either way, both online Malaysia casino are fair and safe to play.

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